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Windows emulator for Android

Emulators are increasingly in demand, regardless of operating systems, given the desire to "borrow" games and technologies created for other types of systems. Now programmers are also facing the needs of Android users to create programs that can work with Windows emulator for Android . We see, therefore, how to run a Windows emulator for Android and what it can offer to its users.

Windows emulator for android: Winulator

Assuming a Windows emulator for android , one can not talk about the technology that has been recently released and is now available to all Android users. It is Winulator , a Windows emulator for Android that will allow users who use mobile devices to use, as far as possible, the games created for Windows.
The version that you can download from Google Play is "fresh out" because it was issued on 31 December 2012. Previously, in fact, there was just a beta version, well, you can still try for free. If you would like one already developed, however, you must pay $ 5.99.

Windows emulator for android: how Winulator

Winulator as Windows Emulator for Android, is called "emulator" although its developers have wanted to clarify that, given the same limits of mobile technology, you can not incorporate all of the APIs in Windows. With this Windows Emulator for Android, in particular, you can convert the machine code of the executable files and libraries designed and built for Windows Arm. So, this Windows Emulator for Android works like other emulators, now mainly used by those who wish to have an operating system like Linux or OSX and desire at the same time, try games and technologies developed for Windows.
Surely with the passage of time, this Windows emulator for Android will become more and more powerful and compatible with a larger number of games and applications, you can follow the progress by visiting the blog of its creators and curators, accessible to this address.
Maybe you want to try this Windows Emulator for Android could download a beta version and see if it's right for you. 


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